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7 Upcoming Speaking Engagements

by Mawi on March 14, 2012

Here’s a snapshot of seven speeches I’m giving this April and May:

1) Ontario Ministry of Education – Toronto: This daylong event will bring in leaders from all 72 boards (Canadian term for district) in the state of Ontario.  It’s a “leadership congress” where the Ministry will articulate the leadership framework that school leaders and board leaders use. I’m giving the keynote speech but frankly am much more interested in learning from the attendees.

2) Orange Conference:   I’ll be presenting at Orange’s annual conference to a crowd of about 5,000 youth group pastors and church leaders. Check out this photo – last year I did a small presentation and got to chat for a bit with Geoffrey Canada, legendary founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone, and Orange founder Reggie Joiner.

3) North Middle School and South Middle School, TN: Students at both these schools have read Of Beetles and Angels.  Two fun tidbits: a student at South Middle School was the impetus for these presentations because he kept emailing us; and Tennessee is just one of eight states I have not spoken in – Wyoming, Alaska, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota are the others.

4) Lutheran and Immigrant Services (LIRS) National Conference: LIRS is an umbrella organization for a network of affiliates who resettle refugees like myself. Really excited to meet these wonderful people.

5) Waimei Middle School, Hawaii: This school does an incredible job with Mental Karate and I’ll have the honor of attending the Blue Belt Ceremony for the students. Bonus: I’m bringing my wife and kids and staying for a few days.

6) 28th Annual Florida Literacy Conference: FLC is an umbrella adult literacy organization in the state of Florida.  I’m giving the keynote and also doing a workshop on the new online leadership course Mawi Learning has created with Florida Virtual School, the largest online high school in North America with over 125,00 students.  (The course is free to any student in the state of Florida, and students get high school credit for completing it.)

7) John Witherspoon Middle School, Princeton NJ: I’ve presented at this school for 10 years in a row – they read my book each year and the biggest highlight comes when I play basketball with their 8th graders after the presentation.

We’re still booking my summer and fall calender – all requests can be made on this page:

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1 Saba Iyob June 13, 2012 at 9:52 pm

I was just recently “introduced” to your blogs, and have been enjoying them very much. Do you have any plans to speak in the Los Angeles area soon? I would love to hear you speak live.
Best regards,

2 Lisa Sipp October 21, 2012 at 8:07 am

I am glad that New Mexico will soon be switching lists from where you have not spoken to where you have spoken! I presented our plans to have you come speak in January and for our participation in your Mental Karate program to our school board last week. They were excited too!

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