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Innovation and Design: Interview with Dr. Saeed Arida

by Amanda on April 23, 2013

Dr. Saeed AridaThis interview with Dr. Saeed Arida will amaze you, inspire you, and show you that our students have tremendous genius waiting to be unlocked.

Dr. Arida is the Founder and Chief Excitement Officer at NuVu Studio, a magnet innovation center for young minds. He received his PhD in architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where his doctoral research examined the intricacies of the creative process to understand what creativity is and how an educational environment can nurture creative learning. The architectural studio pedagogy informed this research that eventually evolved into NuVu Studio where students learn in a hands-on environment with coaches who help students create projects and move through many, many iterations.

   Article about NuVu                                                             NuVu’s website

A sandwich maker! (left)

Roboflower: a robotic flower that reflects weather conditions by changing color and opening and closing. (right)

Samurai dress: A student’s design that made it to Boston Fashion week. (bottom)


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