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My favorite educators change the world.

by Mawi on April 5, 2011

My favorite educators have one thing in common: They have a deep belief in their own power to change the world.

I’m thinking of my friend Katrina Dohn in the Tukwila schools, who on her  own time and dime organizes clothing drives for refugee and low-income families.

I’m thinking of my friend Ellen Cwick, principal of Vernon Hills High School, who inspired her students to build a school in Uganda.

I’m thinking of “Uncle” Lester, a security guard in Alameda, California, who formed a drumming club that has become the pride of the school – no one pays him extra to do this, he does it because he has a deep love for kids and our world.  “I was picked on by other kids when I was growing up,” Uncle Lester told me, “That’s why I have to make  life better for my kids.”

Uncle Lester

I’m thinking of my friend, Paul McGuire, a principal in Canada who organizes a team of educators to go work with educators in El Salvador.  Paul does it because he has a deep desire to connect with others, to make the world better, to grow and to help others grow, and Paul extends an open invitation to any educator who wants to join his team on a life-changing trip.

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who have a drive and passion to contribute, add value, and give more than they take.  And those who are fine leaving things as they are.  Fortunately for our country, we have millions of people in the former category, who by their very presence make all our lives better.  Thank you.


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