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Powerful Educator Sneak Peek with Coach Pat

by Mawi on December 18, 2015

Have you registered for the Powerful Educator Summer Conference yet? During this two day conference you will learn from industry experts. Check out this sneak peek of Coach Pat’s presentation on the Turbo Button and Victim Button. At his session during the conference you will learn concrete skills and tools to change school culture and performance.

Learn more and register today:

In my twenty-five years as an educator and now as the Director of Training at Mawi Learning, I have had a front row seat to watching young people succeed and struggle. It is encouraging to watch a young person grasp a new concept or gain a new skill, while it’s heartbreaking to watch that same young person become discouraged and quit. So, what is the difference between the kids who are successful and those who do not find success? While there are many factors that contribute to success (family, support, ability, resources etc.), there is one question that is the best predictor of whether a student is successful.

The question is, How do I respond to setbacks, rejection and/or failure?

All of us have a choice when things go poorly. We can face the difficulty head on, work through it and look for opportunities to grow or we can blame others, avoid the situation or shut down and become angry. In those critical pivotal moments in life, we have a choice how we want to respond.

At Mawi Learning, we say you can either hit your Victim Button or your Turbo Button in life’s toughest situations. The Victim Button sounds like this: Why did this happen? This is totally ruined! I am just not good at math. Who is to blame? The Victim Button erases all hope of progress being made.

The most successful students hit their Turbo Button during their most difficult times. The Turbo Button sounds like this: What happened? What can we learn from what happened? What is the way forward? The Turbo Button focuses on taking initiative, moving forward and growing.

We are excited to teach students the Turbo Button and launch them on their way to successful lives.

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