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Short Video from Recent Speech: Going to Walmart with My Father

by Mawi on September 26, 2011

Few things terrified me like a trip to Walmart with my dad. This is the first half of the story.

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1 Syeda October 7, 2011 at 7:20 am

I read your book, Mr. Asgedom and I am truely inspired by it. It is hard to stay focussed, positive and strong at the same time. I feel this book came to me at the right time and you know that God plans everything very perfectly for everyone. We all have our limits and our burdens to carry in this world. But God never burdens anyone with more than they can bear. We are fortunate to be in a society where life holds VALUE. I am stressing the word to a great extent because in third world countries where I am from, life has no value. What is the point of life if down the road one is killed or murdered before one even realizes his existence. I feel that this is extremely sad and I just wish something could be done about. You practiced patience, you persevered and you put in your 100%. Rest was up to God. He gave you what you deserved and I stand up and applaud you for your achievements and the way you pulled youself through troubled times, two deaths in the family, sleepless nights… The book is just a litte touch of the surface of your life. What lies beneath that surface is that deep deep connection you had with your inner self and God. My prayer for you is that may God give you more and more strength and courage to do good for the world and guess what; you are doing an awesome job. Thats what I tell my students. A positive attitude makes an awesome person and thats people like you. Thank you for helping me through your book.
Take care
Syeda Aslam

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