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Who Are You?

by Mawi on January 4, 2011

Who are you? To understand why this question matters,  let’s think about one of the most famous and powerful moments in movie history, a moment  from Star Wars.

If you don’t know anything about Star Wars, let me set the scene for you.  We are in the 5th Star Wars movie called The Empire Strikes Back. There is an evil, terrifying character called Darth Vader.   The good guy’s name is Luke Skywalker.  In the previous movie, Darth Vader killed Luke Skywalker’s teacher and mentor.

Now Darth Vader and young Luke are fighting using laser swords called light sabres.  Luke is losing and the viewer is worried that Darth Vader will kill Luke, too.  But then something unexpected happens.  Something which is perhaps the central moment of all six Star Wars movies.

Darth Vader tells Luke who Luke really is.

Are you confused?  Surprised?  How could telling someone who they are be the central point of the entire six-movie Star Wars series?  Shouldn’t the central, key moment be when something blows up, or when someone is saved?

What does Darth Vader tells Luke that could be so powerful? “Luke, I am your father.”

Imagine if you found out that your dad was the second most evil person in the entire galaxy, second only to the evil Emperor. That’s what happened to Luke.

And once Luke has this knowledge, it changes everything.  Luke makes new decisions, and in the end, uses his relationship with his father to save the galaxy. Learning who you are is actually at the heart of many great stories.  How important was it for Harry Potter to find out that he was a wizard?  In the 1980′s movie classic, Top Gun, how important was it for Tom Cruise to figure out that his father was actually a hero, and not a failed pilot.

The great movies are great because they connect with essential truths that teach us important lessons about our own lives.  Who we think we are matters.

In the movies, the writers and directors decide who Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter are. In the movie that is your life, you decide who you are.

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