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Your Worst Team?

by Mawi on September 23, 2011

Think of the worst team you’ve ever been on in your life. For me it was a school I worked at, where the teachers fought constantly with each other and no one listened to the principal. Unfortunately, the principal was me!  Leading that team was among the most humbling and frustrating experiences of my life.

How about you? If you could improve one team in your life right now, what would it be? Would it be with your boss, colleagues, or direct reports? Would it be a personal team, with your spouse, child, parent, or friend?

Last year, my company published a short book called Team Clock that offers the best model for creating healthy teams that I’ve ever seen.  It’s 19.95 in print, but we’ve made it available in e-format for just .99 between now and Monday.  If you have a team that needs work, or want to prepare yourself to lead excellent teams, this book is for you:

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